Edge Coaster Ride

Advice:  practice  screaming like a madman!!!

–> More Edge Coaster Ride pix here <–


  1. I wouldn’t have to practice screaming!!!!! YIKES…SCARY!

    Mary’s last blog post..

  2. suya ko!!!!

    Weng – mysonatas’s last blog post..Anything by The Calling

  3. and you had to post a pic of me screaming? tsk tsk. hehe

    Ed’s last blog post..just say so

  4. Mary, the ride was something! You should try it!

    Wena, bleh! ngano bitaw! 😆

    Eds, were u screaming on that picture? I thought you were just laughing, like me! hahaha

  5. doi, nice jud kaau xa!!!!! asa man ni dapit?
    shucks….. i would really wanna try this. 😉

  6. hehe…bam, sa building ni tupad sa Club Ultima sa Fuente. It’s the Starbucks building in Fuente and you should try it when you get here! 😆 super fun jud! I wonder how Jans would react. hehehe

  7. wow! i don’t think anyone needs to practice screaming like a madman with this ride beforehand, you’ll learn right on the spot! haha

  8. right you are faery! 😆

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