Eclipse Is Here But Am More Excited To See Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows This November

I own a complete Twilight Saga set. 4 of those thick books sit in my cabinet, accumulating dust each day. I lent the Twilight book to my cousin. I have no idea if he started reading it. As for me, I haven’t read them all, just Twilight. I already saw New Moon in the theaters but still, I didn’t find time to read its book version. Now, Eclipse is here and I’ll be watching it this Friday with a couple of friends from work. Do I intend to read the book version in the near future or start reading New Moon? Nah! I am swamped with work. That’s my excuse. char!

The Twilight Saga only has 4 books. I only got to Book 1. The Harry Potter series has 7 books. And I have read all 7 of them! Seven. Yes! Seven. And I have watched every single one of them in the theaters too. Do I own a copy of the Harry Potter books? Nah! I didn’t bother buying one. I have the 1st book though. A college friend owns it and I forgot to return it (but intends to *wink*).

So what’s my point? Nothing. I just want to say that I am not that thrilled to watch Eclipse but am still willing to see it in the theaters and hear teenagers and Twilight Fanatics scream their hearts out when they see Edward.

As for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows…I wasn’t that thrilled reading the book. Maybe because I had to finish reading that thick and final book for 12 hours straight. And probably understandood while reading in between lines that the rumors between Harry and Dumbledore are true. That part, I think, was so annoying. ahahaha. But when I got a glimpse of the trailer, I got excited as hell (even blogging it now…LOL). Of course I’m not going to scream when I see Harry or him making out with Ginny. Rather, I want to see how the creators of the movie turn the book into something magnificent and spectacular. Looking at the teaser alone, I can say that this is really going to be a superb movie. I wish November is here already.

I can’t wait!


  1. medical assistant says

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  2. I feel the same.. I can’t wait for Harry Pooter & the Deathly Hallows.. Sad thing is we have to wait for a full one year for part 2..

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