Eating Ginataang Kinason at Langka

My mom really cooks great food so a person like me who’s been dying to go on a diet will really have a hard time resisting the dishes she prepares for us on every meal. Ever since, she makes it a point to serve at least two dishes on each meal to have a balanced meal in our dinner table. I’ve pleaded countless times for her to avoid cooking great tasting food so that I won’t be distracted with my diet but to no avail 😆 No matter how hard I try to resist them, they keep saying “Hi” to me. And if I don’t eat them, they might make “tampo” or “mangluod”.

ginataang langka at kinason
one of the dishes I love to eat

Instead of eating oats for dinner, I end up nomnoming this “ginataang langka at kinason” along with “paksiw na bangus” (milk fish cooked in vinegar) for dinner. To eat the kinason, you just need to suck the shells to force the meat out. If nothing comes out, suck the other part of the shell. If you are just sucking air, that means that there’s no longer any meat inside the shell and move on to the next shell. However, when sucking the bottom side of the shell and you feel the meat, reverse it again and suck the main hole of the shell to force the meat out 😀 Then remove the shell-like small circle from the meat. If you also find the greenish bottom part of the meat bitter, you can also remove it before eating the rest of the shell’s meat.

When I asked my mom what’s the tagalog name of kinason, she said it’s hala-an. Langka is jackfruit and ginataan is anything cooked with coconut milk. Happy eating! 🙂

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