Eating Chocolates

The other day, my friend and I went to the groceries to buy stuff for her home. I promised another friend that I will buy her chocolates as a token of the free hosting I got for my sites. So it was no surprise that we first went to check out the chocolates section of Metro Gaisano’s Supermarket in Ayala Center Cebu. My other friend’s a chocolate addict so choosing the best kind would be tough as I need to make sure I buy the best kind. However, when we started checking the chocolates, we discovered that some of the popular brands like Hersheys are actually manufactured in China. Seeing that send alarming bells on my eardrums. So my friend and I spent approximately 30 minutes on the chocolate aisle to see where each chocolate bar is manufactured.

I really had no intention of buying one for my friend since I didn’t like the choices except for the LINDOR truffles by Lindt. What happened next was unexpected. I started grabbing different varieties of chocolates I liked for my own consumption. There were M&Ms, Meiji and others. I even got a Lindt and a Frey Chocobloc Milk.

When I started unpacking two of what I bought, I had the sudden urge to slap my forehead when I saw what I bought.

Lindt Excellence Dark Mint Intense 35g

I’m not a chocolate addict. I’d prefer junk food over chocolates. Although I eat chocolates, it has to be on really really rare instances. Today is one of those rare times. So I was totally shocked when the candy I picked for eating had that label that says “Mint Intense”. OMG! I actually hate mint in candies. I think they should only exist to freshen one’s mouth and nothing else. So I was surprised that I made a bad choice. I never paid much attention on the labels. I never saw that coming. I only knew I picked up a Lindt dark chocolate but I was totally unaware that it was in mint flavor. Ugghh! Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to try it.

Because the mint-flavored Lindt Dark Chocolate had that heavy dark chocolate taste, the mint flavor was bearable. I guess I just got paranoid when I saw the label showing “Mint Intense” as I was expecting that the minty flavor in the chocolate would really be intense. Which is why I’m happy to say that I gobbled down the 35g choco bar after realizing that it wasn’t really that minty. hehehe

Frey Chocobloc Milk

Since I am intent at splurging on chocolates tonight (again, one of the rarest instances), I also decided to eat this Chocobloc Milk by Frey. When I opened the packaging, I liked what I saw. It looked liked a smaller version of toblerones where the triangles are arranged in an inverted manner alternately to fit all in one pile of chocolate bar. There’s almond, honey and nougat in the chocolate aside from milk and since I didn’t store it in the fridge, the choco bar is soft and it immediately gets pounded by my teeth when I chew it. I love eating soft and melted chocolates and I could say this one’s really yummy.

Now I think I need to stop eating 2 kinds of chocolates for the day otherwise, I might run to the nearest 24/7 store to buy me some chips!

P.S. The Lindt chocolate was manufactured in France while the Frey Chocolate was manufactured in Switzerland.

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