Donny Shoo: Your SoleMate for Life

Donny Shoo, that’s the brand you should seek when looking for a pair of espadrilles to comfort your tired feet.

Donny Shoo Espadrilles

Donnie-Lee Sabang, my long time friend, is the brain child behind Donny Shoo. He always believed that fun should start at one’s feet, thus the tagline “Donny Shoo: Fun starts at your feet.” His designs are always up to date and will cater to each shoe lover’s cravings for comfortable and good looking footwear.

For more information on his latest designs and to know more on how to order those cool espadrilles, simply visit his website at Donny Shoo.


P.S. He doesn’t know this yet but try to mention my name when you buy one and ask if you can get a discount 😀


  1. asteeg naman ng frnd mu Doi! pangarap ko din yan noon,magkaroon ng line of shoes or clothes. hehe
    saan stores available ito?
    thepinaysolobackpacker´s last blog post ..Mt Bromo – The Temple- The Sand- and the Ashes

    • yah, asteeg talaga. home based pa siya gael but you can check out his website and if may magustohan ka design, i message mo nlng sya. let him know friends tayo para bigyan ka ng discount 😆 sa tapat lang sya ng MRT Boni station nakabase 😀

  2. hi doi!!! love ur site!! i didn’t know nga online entrepreneur na diay atong gwapa nga amiga nga si donya doni!!!

    • hahaha. hi mayang! thanks 😀 wa diay ka kahibaw? sge, ako to syang ingan?

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