DoiSpeaks Got a New Theme and Banner!

After 48 years, I finally decided to change the theme of this site.

Although my site’s PageRank is 3, I do not understand why all of the articles on my site have 0 or unranked PRs. So to rule out the possibility of a theme issue, I finally decided to change it. Besides, changing my site’s theme was long overdue.

The Genesis Framework

Choosing a free theme is not really easy when you consider getting great themes for your site. I was hoping to buy the Thesis Theme and tweak its codes but after reading some reviews about it, I decided to hold off purchasing one since I have other serious expenses I need to deal with rather than buying the Thesis theme. Also, I am now kinda confused if the Thesis them is just a hype created by genius online marketers. Then my search led me to discover the Genesis Framework, the theme that they say, is Thesis’ rival.

So without delay, I tried to search for information on the Genesis Theme by Studiopress. However, the price of the theme is still too expensive for my budget. With the help of my besfriend, Google, I found a website where I downloaded the Genesis Theme and its other Child Themes for free. I know you’d think that I’m a freeloader and I don’t care if  you think that way. I wanted to see if this theme is really worth it before I buy one. Besides, I’m not going to remove the credits at the bottom of this page.

So here I am, using the Genesis Theme and the News Child Theme. But I can’t seem to make it work like what’s shown on their demo site. For some reason, I had a hard time tweaking this theme. I used the Thesis theme before and I did not have problems tweaking its complex codes using its hooks. But this Genesis theme gave me a headache and it still is.

DoiSpeaks new Header

Aside from the site’s new theme, I also decided to change the site’s header banner. I’ve always wanted something like that one on top but just don’t know how to make one. I am not a graphic artist and good thing there is Photoshop where you can create wonders with header banners. I am not sure if I will keep my new header logo but for the time being I like what I created. 🙂

I will continue to be on the lookout for other themes that would suit this website. But for now, it will do. And I hope you enjoy navigating through the site.

If you are having problems navigating the site or if you want to share your inputs on the new header banner, please let me know. Thank you! 😀

Update: 05.28.2012 2:13 pm UTC+07:00.

The New Theme’s Inspiration

I forgot to mention that aside from the reason I cited on top regarding choosing Genesis, I also happened to see the site’s future a year ago. Last May 14, 2011, I left a note on Evernote on how Doispeaks will look like. I even titled the note “The future of DoiSpeaks”. After stumbling upon Hearty’s Haven, the website of Rochelle Sy Chua, I told myself that that site’s format will be the inspiration of DoiSpeaks’ future. So when I finally decided to overhaul this site, I dug my files and found that note. I immediately visited Hearty’s Haven and saw that the site’s powered by the Genesis Theme. The rest was history…

I just find it funny why it took me a year to finally update the site after seeing DoiSpeaks’ future. hehehe.

I have tweaked the site more after I woke up today. And I discovered that what I needed to make the News theme work like how it’s supposed to was the Genesis Tab Plugin that I needed installed on the site. After a few tweaks here and there, I think I almost got it. I just don’t like how the other stuff on my sidebar looks. I’ll have to do some more tweaking later. Ughhh!


  1. I like this theme better than the old one and the logo looks professional 😀 Sana may mabasa na akong love story dito soon (Anoraw?! )
    Micamyx´s last blog post ..I Keep Coming Back to Dagupan!

    • hahaha. natawa ako sa love story. 😆 yeah, i like the theme too and naiinspire ako magsulat bec of the site’s new look! thanks mica! 😀 love story mo ifeature ko dito, you like? wahehehe

  2. doy! I feel this theme! mas nagka personality si doispeaks hehehe.

    And thumb-ups on the new banner! =)…suya ko di pa dyud ko kabaw ug photoshop hahaha, will try to learn this year para maka-change na sad ko sa penfires 🙂
    Penfires´s last blog post ..2012 CBS Survivor Philippines: Boosting the Country’s Tourism Effort

    • hehehe. thanks cille, i am not digging the gray background color though. feeling nako mura kog color blind. lol. but kapoy na tweak. maybe in the near future. hehehe. ari diri SR and will personally teach you how to use Photoshop! lol. or you can find tutorials in Google like I did. hehehe. And yes, dapat you create something for penfires too 😉

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