Discovering The Best Bibingka in Iloilo City

On our way to have lunch at the Breakthrough Restaurant in Sto. Niño Norte, Arevalo, Iloilo City, I saw this small stand selling bibingka (rice cakes) just across the food joint.

Mena’s Bibingka is what’s written on the roof’s side

I bought 1 pack which contained 5 small pieces of thin bibingkas and paid P20.00. I had no idea how it tasted. I just bought them since I love kakanins and bibingka is one of my favorite.

the rice cakes before they were cooked

While waiting for the food we ordered for lunch, I opened the paper bag containing the food I bought outside and found 5 thin bibingkas.

We started eating them and my eyes widened when the first bite landed my taste buds. It was so yummy! I like! 😀

To date, this was the best bibingka I have ever tasted. It was not the normal bibingka sold in the markets or the famous bibingka of Mandaue. Nope. This one’s really thin. When you bite this one, you’d have to scrape the food off from the banana leaves since it’s moist on the insides. You can also see those long coconut strips from the bibingka. It’s like eating macapuno after seeing those coconut shreds but way better. I guess this one’s best eaten while still hot too. Some may find this too sweet too but for someone like me, this bibingka is a winner!

I wonder when will I be a able to eat this again *sigh*


  1. i liked this too. 🙂 the best bibinka i tasted before this was in davao, now davao’s 2nd. weeee…
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  2. hmmm..I like this! hanapin ko yan pagpunta ko ng Cebu! thnx again sa mga recommended hostels! 🙂
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