Discovering Adventure Cafe in Balamban


One fine day, I discovered that a new hangout place in Cebu was about to open. My friend Leah, who gave me this piece of information, told me that I should check out Adventure Café in Balamban and visit the place on their soft opening to get a first-hand experience of what the place can offer. It didn’t take a lot of convincing from her side since after she told me that there’s zip lining, wall climbing and more, I immediately got sold and wanted to see the place.

I know one of the co-owners (Nigel Wenceslao) through Leah after she introduced us almost 2 years ago. This was the time when we got back from our backpacking trips from Bangkok and Siem Reap after taking advantage of vacation tours on two of the cities I love dearly. When I met Nigel that time, he already shared to us one of his dreams, that of which to open up a place up in the mountains (well, generally in Gaas, Balamban) where anyone can just enjoy the scenic drive then chill, relax and distress. Part of the vision includes having this stress wall where you can break plates to release your anger, frustrations and what have yous. That’s why I couldn’t contain my excitement upon learning that his vision had come to fruition.

So when I checked the calendar and saw that the soft opening date, which was May 28th, was also the day I was going to be on leave from work, I immediately called up two of my best blogger buddies to join me on this adventure. However, only Edcel was able to join me since Audrey had to travel to Dumaguete – which was too bad for she missed the fun and adventure that Ed and I experienced that day.


me, Nigel and Ed

The plan was to be on the site by 10am. Just the right time to finish the tour, have lunch then head back home. Boy were we in for a surprise! We went home after nightfall where the weather in the area drops up to 18 degrees. By this time, we were already shaking due to the coldness. LOL


almost nightfall

There are two places where you can get a ride to Gaas, Balamban. Since my car wasn’t available that time, we opted to ride a van for hire (v-hire), which was the basic mode of transportation going to Balamban. The Ayala Terminal and the Citilink Terminal both offers trips to the town of Balamban for only P100/head/way. The Citlink Terminal normally gets more passengers than the Ayala Terminal so we opted to go there to avoid waiting for a long time till the van gets full. Just make sure you tell the driver where you’re headed to since there are 2 ways to get to Balamban, one is via Lutopan and the other one, through the Trancentral Highway.


look for this signage when travelling via Citilink Terminal

The road going to Balamban is a winding one. You’ll have to go through up hills and down hills before you’d reach the place. So a word to those bringing their cars: When traveling to this side of town, please please please drive safely.

Photobucket Photobucket

rappeling down after reaching the top – not me though; a kid zip lining for the 3rd time – rides were free this day

Finding Adventure Café wasn’t really a hard one. Having this place in the middle of nowherethe highlands of Cebu has caused so much stir among the locals making the place an instant tourist attraction on this side of town. So there’s really nothing to worry when riding a vhire. Just tell the driver where you’re going and they’ll know where to drop you off. Besides, the Adventure Café is really visible since the establishment is alongside the rode leading to the Trancentral Highway, just before Island in the Sky.



Up next: Our Adventure Cafe Experience


  1. hi.. im planning to see the place probably this weekend..

    is there an entrance fee? how much is the zipline, etc? thanks!

  2. We had a wonderful time here this Saturday, thanks to your blog we where able to know about the details.
    dms27´s last blog post ..Ive Been Missing a tooth- In my Dream! What does this mean

    • dms27, I’m glad you had a great time too and I’m happy you found useful information on my blog 🙂

  3. There was a guy (don’t know if he’s the manager) who was ultra rude. He is so unprofessional. I mean who in their right mind would tell their customers to “backout”? To tell the cashier to give them their money back?

    Here’s the situation: I already talked to the dude who works the zipline (this was around a little before 12 noon) and told him that there’s only 6 of us who will be doing it. He said that it was okay. So we went upstairs and lo and behold, there was nobody there. We waited and waited but nobody came. Finally, I talked to the cashier again and to my surprise, she said that the crew was taking their lunch! They didn’t even tell us what was happening! I asked the cashier 2 more times before the RUDE guy came and said what he said. “Ihatag balik ilang kwarta. Pa back-out-on na sila.” And he was belligerent while saying this. His arms were crossed above his chest and didn’t even look me in the eye. He was walking away while talking.

    Adventure Cafe will lose their customers if that guy doesn’t straighted out. If he was in the US he would have been told to take his lunch and not come back. What he did was absolutely uncalled for and unprofessional.

    One thing’s for sure…I am not going to suggest that Cafe while that guy is there.

    • Hi Angela,

      I’m Nigel Wenceslao, the Chairman of Adventure cafe’. Our apologies for what had happen. Rest assured that we will investigate, make corrective and disciplinary actions to the person/s involve. May I know when did this happen? For privacy, please email me at:

      Thanks a lot and please accept our sincere apologies

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