Creating a Wedding Video Presentation for a Friend

Creating a wedding video presentation for a friend is what kept me busy for the past few days. This was the project I’d been secretly doing after getting infected with the Relevant Knowledge Spyware a.k.a. the rlvklng.exe spyware.

Last June 11th, one of my best friend, Debbie, asked me if I can create a short presentation of how she met the man she was going to marry. Her wedding coordinator asked her if she has a friend who can come up with something to tell the story of how the two of them met.

I was responsible for introducing the two couples and it would have been great if I were present at the wedding reception to share the tale of how the two lovebirds met. But since I could not go home to attend the wedding event, Debbie asked me if I’m willing to make a presentation. Of course I could not say no. That’s the least thing I could do for not attending my best friend’s wedding.

I immediately said yes to her when she asked if I could do it. I don’t know if she was thinking I wouldn’t agree to making one because she had to confirm my answer since I immediately said yes. hehehe. Although I’m not trained to create such presentations, I’ve had my fair share of creating presentations back in college. And although that was 12 years ago, I think I know I still got the skill. The only problem is the lack of ideas on how to create a wedding presentation of how the couple met.

I would have preferred video materials but all I had were photos of the couple. It was a good thing that Debbie found old videos which I found useful and added on the wedding video presentation. All photos and no video could be quite boring, you know. Am also not a good story teller, which was why I had a hard time coming up with an idea. Procrastination was partly to blame too. I also tried to look for presentations in YouTube but didn’t find anything decent except for one.

But even though I found the pre-nup wedding video on where to get my inspiration, my materials were not enough. I searched for cliparts and wedding ideas then I stumbled upon the website of Pixel Scrapper where I grabbed copies of her wall papers and other scrapbooking materials. Yeah, part of the idea I came up with was to present the video in a scrapbook format.

After gathering the materials I think I will be needing (sample video, scrapbook materials, more photos of the couple, conversion of an FLV to AVI video of the couple), I decided I’m finally ready to create the wedding presentation 2 days before the wedding. This would have given me ample time to create the video so that I could give it to my friend on time too. However, luck wasn’t on my side that day since my Lenny got infected with a Spyware. I needed to remove the damn file first before I could continue. I know it would slow down my already slow laptop. Because of this delay, I had to cram the video creation in 24 hrs!


I was hoping I could finish it by nightfall of the eve of their wedding day but I didn’t. I stayed awake all night that day. I didn’t have a proper dinner too except for some measly crackers. Surprisingly, I never got hungry. Maybe it was the pressure.

Anyway, here’s the video presentation of how my friend met my high school classmate. Yeah, the guy and I were classmates in high school and Debbie is my best friend at the company I was connected with before.

P.S. If you can’t view this here or in YouTube, please go to

And to tell you honestly, I never had the slightest clue what to create until around lunch time of the 17th! Ideas normally start pouring out of my head when I cram. But this was not the best time to cram, I know. But what can I do? 😆

Lenny was also acting up the whole time, which made it harder for me to finish the video faster. By dawn, my eyes were about to drop and I could no longer think or come up with better ideas. Thus, I find the ending of the presentation lacking. If I had enough time, I would have wanted to create artsy backgrounds on all of the photos. But I also had to hurry up in finishing the wedding presentation. I needed to upload it online so that my friend can get it on her side of the world. The internet speed in my guesthouse is not the best one you’d want to get so uploading it was a pain in the butt too. Although I’m so sleepy due to the lack of sleep for the last 24 hrs, I had to stay awake and make sure the video gets uploaded.

By the time it finished uploading, I know it might be too late. I can’t also pressure them to download the video since time is of the essence on their end too. Then I received a text message from Debbie and she told me that they no longer had time to download the video.

I couldn’t blame her for the inability to download the file. My mistake was not coursing it to the right people. I should have asked the contact number of her wedding coordinator.

But nonetheless, I enjoyed creating the video and I’m proud to say that I still got my Powerpoint skills. Yeah, Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2010 was one of the primary software I used in creating that video on top. Although I’m dying to know how to do animation stuff and also use high-end video editing software like Sony Vegas Pro, it seems that having those files could be too much for my laptop’s hard drive space, not to mention the complexity of using a new software.

So if you want to know what I used to come up with that wedding video presentation, here are the following software I used for the pre-nup wedding presentation:

  • Photoshop CS4
  • Photoscape
  • Microsoft Powerpoint 2010
  • Windows Movie Maker


Here’s a photo of their wedding at the Schoenstatt Chapel in Camella Homes, Talisay, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines


here’s the bride and groom, Debbie and Carlo.

For more of their wedding photos, you can check the facebook album found here.

Debbie told me that when they saw the video, Carlo’s face was all red and he was kinda embarrassed by the video clip. He even mentioned that had it been shown on their wedding reception, he would have hidden underneath Debbie’s wedding gown due to the embarrassment. Our friends and I find it cute though. How one would profess his love and devotion is kinda romantic. Debbie reassures me that Carlo’s fine now and he is getting used to the video. hehehe

Anyway, I had a great time creating this video. But if you were to ask me if I’d do one again, maybe only to a chosen few , meaning only to my close friends. One already told me he wants me to create one for them when they tie the knot too. 😆 Again, I happily said yes but that’s because we’re close friends also 😉

To Carlo and Debbie, congratulations on taking this step in your life. May you always love and cherish each other. I do hope I’d bump into you two soon on one of my travels or yours. 😉

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