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One of the best things about travelling to Thailand is finding cute establishments wherever you go. I’m a sucker for artsy boutiques and it fascinates me knowing that the Thai people are very creative in marketing their businesses. Acoustic Coffee was one of those that stood out among the many establishments that I visited.

This coffee shop is located at the northern business district of Bangkok. It’s hardly to miss since it is located near the bus stop after the Major Cineplex mall in Ratchayothin, Bangkok, Thailand. Acoustic Coffee offers free WiFi. During my last month in Bangkok, I frequented this place since our friend’s house doesn’t have internet connection. The only bad thing about their wifi was that it was giving me intermittent internet connection all the time.

For a traveller like me who brings my work anywhere I go, I need to make sure I have good internet connection to allow me to work properly without any interruptions. I always go to the Terminal 21 mall whenever I work but because of its distance from where I live plus the traffic in Bangkok, I finally gave in and opted to stay close even if it meant putting up with the café’s intermittent internet connection. I’ve spoken with the owner and inquired about it and he told me he was aware of the problem. However, they had to honor the contract with their ISP before they switch to another one or they’ll be penalized. Having heard that, I was left with no choice. Anyway, it was not really a big deal for me at that time since I was on vacation mode. 😉

Acoustic Coffee in Bangkok

What I love about this café is that the ambience is great. The place is so cozy, too cozy that my friends and I decided to make it our hang out place every single day. I love the interior design of the café and I love how they mixed and matched the furniture they used. They have a love seat, ottomans, wicker chairs, steel chairs, and wooden chairs. They have a rooftop where you can also relax after a day’s work. It’s best to unwind on that area at night time when the atmosphere is cooler. I can’t get enough of how beautiful that café is.

Acoustic Coffee in Bangkok

Acoustic Coffee only serves cakes and sandwiches. It would be great if they consider selling pasta too but I’m not sure if they’d do that with their limited space behind their counter. They also serve hot and cold drinks where the price ranges from 40 up to 90 baht. Not bad, right?

Acoustic Coffee in Bangkok

When you enter this coffee shop, you’d be greeted by Acoustic and Christian songs and that’s one more thing I love about it. It’s the perfect place to relax and unwind and I believe that the design of the café was meant to do just that.

acoustic coffee free wifi bangkok
a complimentary drink given while I was reading A Dance with Dragons;
Den’s busy and serious with her blogging career while Ed goofed around

Aside from the free wifi and the beautiful interiors, the staff are awesome too. When you’ve been hanging out at this café for quite some time, you might get lucky when they suddenly appear in front of you and give you a complimentary drink.

Acoustic Coffee in Bangkok

I’m just sad that I failed to say goodbye to our hang out place since I hurriedly took off and left Thailand in a flash. 🙁

Acoustic Coffee is located at 1859 Phahonyothin Road, Ladyao Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand. You can also check out the blog of my friend, Den, as she tells her Acoustic Coffee story.

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