Cooking Fried Bananas for Snacks

My mom bought a bunch of bananas earlier from a neighbor. She then told me to buy ‘central’, a local term we use in Cebu to refer to brown sugar. She told me we’ll have fried bananas with brown sugar for snacks in the afternoon.

In case you don’t know, I love to cook. So I happily obliged. And as soon as I was done cleaning the kitchen after we had lunch, I started preparing the bananas for our snacks.

My mom asked me to cut the bananas in halves. Afterwhich, I had to dip it in the brown sugar and fry it. The instruction’s really simple. It’s a no-sweat recipe for a delicious and healthy snacks.

Before I started cooking the banana cue (another term for fried bananas here), she told me to use the Teflon pan that we use to cook fried rice to save on the oil we’ll use. The pan looks like a wok. It’s easier to deep fry the bananas using the Teflon pan instead of using our Teflon flat pan.

Cooking the fried bananas dipped in brown sugar wasn’t that hard. Probably, the only dilemma was trying to determine how I’d know if the bananas were cooked. My mom just told me to make sure not to burn them. So while cooking, I carefully watched over the bananas as they got fried to ensure that I don’t get burned ones.

Once I was done cooking, I had to drain each fried banana on a stainless strainer with a  paper towel on top to make sure the paper towel or tissue absorbed the oil from the bananas.

fried bananas

The fried bananas I cooked would have been perfect had I not sprinkled too much sugar on them. My mom complained about it. I told them to let it pass since it was my first time cooking fried bananas. I just told them to remove the caramelized sugar and eat it.

Even though there were too much sugar on it, my mom still proudly told a neighbor, who dropped by our house, that our home-made version of banana cue (fried  bananas) is way better than those being sold in the streets!

And if you were to ask me, the fried bananas were perfect with the brown sugar coating covering the entire fruit! Crunchy on the sides and super YUMMY!

* * *

I’m a sucker for non-stick frying pan and Teflon’s one of them!

* * *

I appointed myself as our house’ official cook since my mom just recovered from a stroke. I simply ask my mom what menu she wants for lunch, snacks, or dinner. If I don’t know how to cook them, I ask her the instructions on how to cook her food cravings and I’ll do the rest.

* * *

I would have loved to take photos of the actual process of preparing this simple yet healthy snacks but my camera’s about to die. There’s something wrong with its lens that I have a hard time getting it to focus on the subject. I had to stand from a distance and zoom in the lens to capture an image. I got lucky I had these somewhat decent shots. pft.

* * *

I’m typing this now while listening to Coldplay. And as I listen to their songs, my mind wanders off to Siem Reap where I spent most of my time during my 5-month backpacking trip. Coldplay kept me sane through all those times. I miss Siem Reap so much!


  1. Either lami dyud doy imong luto or super supportive si tita hehehe
    Nahh im sure lami dyud as you learn from one of the best cook I know.

    …. dreaming of stuffed squid… doy, learn it please and throw a feast! \ o /

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