Cleaning up my Blogroll

I have low tolerance for people who don’t keep their word, except if I initiate the request or if I add them on my own free will.

Anyway, got really curious about this person who asked me if I want to join their blogroll. They mentioned that their site is still accepting links for exchange and if I am interested, I can add their site on my links and they will do the same. Later on, I realized that the message gave me the impression that I am supposed to be overwhelmed that I was invited to join their blogroll. That it was a privilege to have been chosen since they are about to close their blogrolls. Then it got me thinking… why the heck would anybody want to limit their blogroll?

Although I have only been blogging for 9 months, I really don’t have any clue that there’s supposed to be a limit for blogrolls. Call me ignorant if you may but I don’t believe in the essence of keeping a shortlist of links to other people’s blogs as I see the blogging community a means to extend my acquaintance and information to other bloggers in the universe world. I also see this as a way to open the doors to other people’s sites if they ask/request to have their sites added to my list.

Without any hesitation, I immediately add sites to my blogroll when they request one on the assumption that they should add my site back. But when I see that they don’t do the same, the most sensible thing should be done, which is to kick them off my site too.

Honestly, I’m really pissed right now. I hope we all keep our word and practice proper blogging ethics.

To those who want to be added to my blogroll, drop me a line and I’d surely oblige to your request. I am also assuming that you will add me back to your site.



  1. hi doi! care to exchange links?hehe. Added you already.. Thanks in advance.

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