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During my free time, I enjoy watching TV shows in The Lifestyle Network if there are no decent movies shown on HBO, Cinemax, Star Movies and other channels.

What I like most is watching the show Clean House. It features Niecy Nash and her crew of interior designers and organizers to help clean the clutter of selected homes.



The rule, everything must go except for items which will be used in the new design of the house. Those that have to go will be sold on a giant yard sale and those that aren’t sold will be given to charity. The proceeds of the sale will be used to spend for the renovation.

Although my place isn’t really cluttered, I know it needs a major face lift. I really envy those families who are given the opportunity to have a new look in their homes. I wish I could find someone who can give me creative inputs as to how I can change the look of our home. 😉

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  1. ako rin na-e-enjoy panuorin ang Clean House. nakakainspire maglinis ng bahay.hehe!

  2. my room normally looks like first pic….i usually don’t clean my room until there is no space to walk

  3. hahaha… es, vijay, as for me, i’m too lazy to clean my place. I only contribute in cleaning our house if we expect visitors. 😆 as for my room, it kinda gets cluttered at times and it would take me a month or more before I clean it, when I feel it. hehehe

  4. You might wanna check out “How Clean Is Your House” too..
    Two ladies sniffing around and helping people to clean their messes up. Some are really gross. They provide useful tips too for budget cleaners.. 🙂

    Cashmere’s last blog post..Melbourne!

  5. I meant budget cleaning solutions.. 😛

  6. it is really dreamlike to have people turning your house into another place. i like my place to be clean as well. =)

    levian’s last blog post..transformers 2009 vs. raving rabbids..

  7. haha… i’m too lazy to clean my room but my room still looks like clean hehehe..

  8. Levian, nothing beats a clean house. I get to think clearly if my house/room is clean. I’d prefer experts to do it for me coz I lack some organizing skills 😆

    Lyla, me too! Am sooo lazy when it comes to cleaning my own space. even the thought of it makes me lazy.

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