Citizen Patrol

I was stuck in traffic yesterday morning after running an errand for my sister. Then all of  a sudden, I noticed the car door of a black Suzuki Vitara open. There were 3 lanes. Me on the left, that car in the middle. The car was ahead of me by 2 vehicles but I can visibly see the car as the door to the driver’s side was opened. I thought that the driver was going to get out or was trying to check out his tires but lo and behold! I saw the driver of the car drop an empty plastic wrapper of Peanut Kisses on the road!!! I was really shocked at what the driver did. If there’s one thing I hate the most about motorists, it is their nature to throw their garbage freely on the streets. As if the world isn’t polluted enough, they had to add more to that. The nerve!

I was really furious that the driver of that car carelessly threw their garbage. What were they thinking? Do they think that they can easily get away with it? Well, this one proved unlucky. I was there and I saw the whole thing. I took the liberty of taking a photo of the car to let other motorists beware that they should dispose their garbage properly.

To the owner of the Suzuki Vitara car with plate number ZEE 661, shame on you!!!


  1. Mashado ‘toh! Bwahaha! Natuwa ako sa post mo na ‘toh. Kaya kayo wag kayong magtatapon ng kalat sa kalsada! Baka maispatan kayo ni doi ranger! Nyaknyaknyak! 😀

    PS: Pabura nung isang comment ko. Namali ako. Hahaha! Sobrang tawa ko di ko na alam kinocommentan ko.

  2. hahaha…kakainis kasi sya! galit ako sa mga taong nagtatapon ng basura sa kalye. 🙂

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