Chicken Charlie: The Latest Fried Chicken Craze in Town

My friend Cecille messaged me one time asking if I was game for a food trip to check out Chicken Charlie, a new restaurant that opened in Cebu 2 months ago. I had no clue what Chicken Charlie was or what it was offering but from the sound of it, they’re probably selling chicken. And who am I to refuse a food trip? Of course my YES to the invitation was faster than a bullet train! 😆

I always love good food, you see? Since I’ll get the chance to try out a new flavor in Cebu, it made me more excited. Ever since I came back from my 5-month backpacking trip, I never got the chance to see what happened to Cebu so this was a great idea too to see what Cebu’s up to  lately.

When food trip day came, I met up with Cecille, Titus and Edwin at the Chicken Charlie outlet at Asiatown IT Park in Cebu  City.

chicken charlie IT Park branch

The last time I checked, there were only a few buildings in IT Park. Now, it seems that a few more buildings miraculously sprung out of nowhere. I never even imagined another Starbucks branch opening within the area. I was glad to see a few famous restaurants opening  their branches in IT Park too. People who frequent IT Park, and those that work in the area now have more food choices. Chicken Charlie is one of them. Chicken Charlie is located at the eBloc2 Tower, which is on the opposite side of IT Park.

Chicken Charlie

The place is quite spacious and I fell in love with the colorful interiors right away.  😉 Barbie soon joined us on this food trip. She’s the social media arm of Chicken Charlie and she was pleased to know that it would be our first time (Edwin and I) to try out Chicken Charlie. Cille and Titus already tasted that promising yummy to goodness chicken when Titus celebrated his birthday recently. They too couldn’t wait again to get their hands on what everyone’s saying lately as the best tasting crispy chicken in town.

chicken charile price menu

After we exchanged our greetings, we all agreed that it was time for us to order our food. Looking at their menu made me dizzy in trying to decide what I wanted. There’s really a lot of options for diners. And if you are on a budget, you can always try their Family Value Meal which will save you a few bucks.

Chicken Charlie Menu

The best thing with this Chicken Charlie foodtrip is that we got to try out almost everything on the menu! We ordered chicken wings, drumstick, fries, wedges, pickled radish, cheesetick dynamite, Charlie’s Bowl and had Bundaberg too! Too bad they don’t have Charlie’s Greens and Charlie’s Pops yet. I would have loved to try them out as well.

chicken charlie chiken drumstick

When we went back to our seats after ordering, a staff approached us and brought a circular dish. I thought it was a glass coaster. It turned out to be a table buzzer. She mentioned that our order will be ready in 17 minutes and as soon as it’s available, the disc will buzz.

After 17 minutes indeed, the disc started to light and it vibrated, an indication that it’s time to claim our Chicken Charlie orders. Once all the food were placed on our table, we started to dig in. Due to the different variety of food we ordered, I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to eat first. 😆 I ended up getting the chicken wings, one of my fave part of a chicken. 😉


The Chicken Charlie wings was coated in soy garlic sauce. It was very tasty. Normally, I’d ask for a sauce on my chicken but those chicken wings didn’t need one. In a few minutes, I consumed the whole thing. Yum!

cheese sticks dynamite chicken charlie

I tried out their famous Cheesestick Dynamite next. Honestly, I never knew what it was. I had to examine it for a while before I ate it. When I learned that it was green chili wrapped in wonton wrappers, I got afraid and hesistated for a while. I don’t want to burn my tongue and ruin my appetite. But I had to try it. So I took a bite. I immediately realized that the taste was refreshingly good. It was yummy! I never hinted any burning sensation on my tongue as I continued chewing it. I also discovered that it was coated wtih the best creamy cheese I’ve tasted. I guess the cheese’ one contributing factor why I didn’t find the spicy and hot taste that I was looking for. It came with a mayo dip too and with or without it, this Cheesestick Dynamite is a must-try for food lovers out there! 😉

Chicken Charlie Drumsticks: spicy and regular

After eating that great-tasting appetizer, I grabbed one of those Chicken Charlie drumsticks glazed in hot sweet sauce and took a bite. I found the skin crispy and this time, I could easily taste the richness of the spice in the chicken. I had to help myself with a gulp of the Ginger Beer Bundaberg drink I ordered, which I really liked. 😉 I could also taste the same yummy flavors from the chicken wings when I continued eating my spicy drumstick.

Barbie mentioned that to achieve its taste, Chicken Charlie’s wings and drumsticks undergo a unique style of cooking. Each chicken follow a double-frying technique to ensure that crispy and grease-free chicken serving. When you say double-frying, it  meant that their chickens are cooked twice. First, they fry the chicken using vegetable oil to get rid of the chicken fat. The second time they cook it is when the chicken transforms to its crisp state. They also do this carefully to retain that juicy flavor in the chicken.

Chicken Charlie makes sure customers get fresh servings of the Chicken Charlie wings and drumsticks as they don’t allow pre-cooking to take place. Customers have to wait to grab this yummy food since they are freshly cooked upon order. You also have the option to choose what sauce flavor you want.

Fries and Fish Strips

We also had the chance to taste their Fish strips, fries and wedges. I like the crispy coating of the fish strips. I also liked the mustard that came with it. 😉 Too bad there were only a few of those strips. 🙁 They immediately vanished from the tray! 😆 The fries were ok. Just regular fries. The small wedges however were a delight to my taste buds. They were so yummy that I think I consumed almost all of it. 😆

I also got the chance to try out the Charlie’s Bowl. It’s just a bowl of rice with pork toppings. I think the pork was ok. It was tender. I just didn’t pay any attention to it since I wanted to devour on those drumsticks, this time choosing the soy garlic sauce glazed one. 😉

By the time we stopped eating, Edwin and Titus had a hard time breathing for they had too many of those Chicken Charlie’s. 😆 I tried to taste Cille’s Sarsaparilla Bundaberg, a root beer-flavored drink, but declared my disgust for the drink just like all other root beer flavored sodas. hehehe. I was happy and contented with my Ginger beer-flavored Bundaberg. 😉

All in all, we had a great meal that night all thanks to Chicken Charlie. I’m happy that the management of Chicken Charlie brought this kind of chicken to Cebu and by the looks of it, the Cebuanos have warmly welcomed and embraced this yummy fried chicken. I  hope that Chicken Charlie will prosper in Cebu and the business will have a very (100x) long life span in the Queen City of the South. 😉

chicken charlie food

Where is Chicken Charlie located in Cebu?

Chicken Charlie
ebloc2 Tower
Asiatown IT Park
Lahug, Cebu City
Telephone number: +63 32 2669779
Hours of Operation: 10am to 12mn

chicken charlie cebu it park map

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P.S. Each of us has our own unique taste buds and food preference. I am not picky with food so anything that my taste buds like is yummy to me. 😉 

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