Cebu South Reclamation Project – Cebu’s 1st Subway Tunnel

Cebu is one of the biggest and most progressive cities in the Philippines. However, due to the land area of the city, the government didn’t find the need to build subways and numerous sky ways in the past. Because of the increasing population in the province of Cebu, the government has invested on a multi-billion project to develop the South Road Properties of the city to connect the City of Cebu to its neighboring towns in the south. This move would solve the traffic congestion on the highways leading to the southern part of the city. This project didn’t just entail re-claiming lands that were part of the shoreline of the city but they also planned to build a subway tunnel but the route would destroy Cebu’s historical landmark, Plaza Independencia and Fort San Pedro. So to avoid this, they decided to build a subway to preserve those historical landmarks.

Cebu South Road Properties

Debates arose because of this decision. Some historians and Cebuanos complained that this project was outrageous. They thought that it will destroy those historical landmarks and the artifacts that are buried underneath it. In the end, they lost the battle and after 15 years of developing the South Road Properties (SRP), the project was finally completed. The roads leading to Cebu’s next future were finally opened to the public last 2010.

South Reclamation Project

Since this is the first time that the city of Cebu had its very own subway tunnel, a lot of motorists got curious. They wanted to see what the fuzz was all about.

South Reclamation Project

They wanted to look at the project that the government got their hands full for over a decade. And just like any other true blue Cebuano, I had to embark on that trip too in order to see the SRP tunnel.

South Reclamation Project
on top of the tunnel is where the historical Plaza Independencia sits

I drove off with my 1993 Toyota FX Wagon to check out the SRP tunnel. Upon reaching the area, I noticed that there were less vehicles using the newly opened road. The road is very wide. Each way allows a 2-lane access for any type of vehicle. Once you get inside, you will see huge ventilators and huge lights for ease of access in passing through the tunnel. I suddenly thought how good it must feel if I was driving one of those new Mercedes A class 2012 model that was launched to the world recently. Ever since that model came out in public, I’ve been closely monitoring the reviews of that car. Owning a Mercedez-Benz is one of my lifetime dreams. It will only take you 2 minutes to reach the other end of the tunnel. With driving a Mercedes, I’ll just let my imagination work as to how fast I could reach the other end.

SRP tunnel

Since it was my first time passing such tunnel, I couldn’t help think of the tunnel accident that ended the life of Princess Diana of Wales. It was kinda creepy thinking of such things at that moment that I had to focus on driving to avoid a similar incident. I just imagined how good it must feel to drive a luxury car. All we have at home is a beat up car which might retire any time soon.


It’s quite surprising how short the tunnel ride of the Cebu subway is. After all those years developing the area, I thought it would be a long tunnel, but it’s not.

Cebu south reclamation

Once you reach the other end, you will see a stretch of neatly paved roads that looked like bridges as they are sitting on top of the sea. On bad weather days, it is wise to drive carefully on those roads because of the strong winds. But the day I drove down there was a perfect day so all I had to do was focus on where I was going as I enjoyed the beautiful scenery that unfolded in front of me.

Cebu subway

Ever since I came back from my backpacking trip abroad, I have not had the chance to visit the South Reclamation Area of the city of Cebu. After a couple of typhoons that hit the country in the past months, I’ve seen news reports of the destruction of some of the sea wall that were built to protect the roads from the ravaging waves of the sea. I just hope that the government will do something about it to prevent getting those areas flooded in the future. The SRP area will be the next best thing that will happen to Cebu and I can’t wait to see those once vacant lots filled with buildings and recreational areas soon. I’m also hoping to find more luxury cars cruising in that area.


  1. Nice! Cebu really is a great place to live in…. =)
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  2. Doy one question – Did you take the pics yourself samtang ga drive ka? ! =)

    And yey! I’ve passed through SRP with you and Frtz, my first time. Taymsa asa ta padung ato? Minglanilla? Wait! I remember na hahaha it was to look at the store space ata hehe
    Penfires! A Filipina Blog´s last blog post ..Chicken Charlie Double Fried Chicken Arrives in Cebu

    • ahahaha. i think i did. i even took a video while driving back home on a rainy night. 😆 i know. buang ko. hahaha. and yeah, i remember that trip with fritz! 😀

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