Cebu South Reclamation Project – Cebu’s 1st Subway Tunnel

Cebu is one of the biggest and most progressive cities in the Philippines. However, due to the land area of the city, the government didn’t find the need to build subways and numerous sky ways in the past. Because of the increasing population in the province of Cebu, the government has invested on a multi-billion […]

Preparing for Schengen Visa Application

I couldn’t believe the fact that I almost went on a trip to Europe. When my friend mentioned that it was easy to apply for a Schengen visa in Bangkok and that he would help us, I didn’t hesitate. I have always wanted to go to Europe. So when an opportunity opened to travel there, […]

Cozy Café at Acoustic Coffee

One of the best things about travelling to Thailand is finding cute establishments wherever you go. I’m a sucker for artsy boutiques and it fascinates me knowing that the Thai people are very creative in marketing their businesses. Acoustic Coffee was one of those that stood out among the many establishments that I visited. This […]

My Attempt To Go On A Euro Trip

Last June, my friend introduced me to someone who hails from our place. He travelled to Bangkok to process his Schengen visa at the Dutch Embassy. He claimed that it was easier to apply for a tourist visa outside of our country, which explains his trip to Bangkok. The summer season in Europe was about […]

Of Wat Nam Hu, Great Clouds, Battle Scars and Good Music

A month and a half ago, I visited the small town of Pai in Mae Hong Son, Thailand. Pai is situated at the Northern part of Thailand and after declaring on my other blog that I missed Pai badly, I never thought I’d get the chance to see her again soon. But because of certain […]

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