What a Coincidence CDO!

I dunno if it’s coincidence or not but my boredom now led me to discover that this month marked my 1st year anniversary of setting foot at Cagayan de Oro City. After checking my files, I found out that it was also this month that I went on my first trip to Cagayan de Oro […]

Olympus TG-1 Sample Shots: A Quick Visit at Cagayan de Oro City

The other day, I went to Cagayan de Oro City to work on an assignment. Since I had travelled to this city before, I decided to spend a day here as I wasn’t in the mood to travel and explore other beautiful cities outside of CDO. So I decided to go on a food trip […]

Testing My New Olympus TG-1 Underwater Camera

Ixus 80IS got wet at sea while Ixus 95IS has blurry images When both of my cameras died on me, I actually had problems of how I’d obtain a new camera. But GOD is good. He really works in mysterious ways 😉 I thought I’d have to wait for a long time to get a […]

A Visitor’s Guide To Birmingham

Note: This is a guest post. In the heart of the Midlands, Birmingham holds a historically and geographically important position in the cultural heritage of the United Kingdom. As the second most populous city after London, it is currently home to around 2,738,100 people and has become a major international commercial centre. Due to its […]

That’s Life

“They say one day our life will flash before our eyes. Make it worth watching.” If you are too caught up with crazy problems at work, maybe it’s time to give yourself a well deserved break. Why don’t you go out and give yourself a chance to breath fresh air and explore new places. After your […]

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