Movies Showcasing the Beautiful Architecture at New Orleans

I’m a movie buff and during my free time, I try to make sure I get to watch old and new movies. I prefer watching rom-coms or what one would commonly refer to as romantic comedies. I also like watching feel-good movies. What you won’t catch me watching would be those horror films. I don’t […]

Losing my Olympus TG-1 Camera

Last October 5, 2012, my second hand camera got drenched in sea water on my trip to Biri Island. It immediately quit working and I sort of got depressed at the thought of not being able to travel without my handy camera. You see, as a travel blogger who was only relying on my site’s […]

My Broken Mares Fins

So, barely a year after I bought my first snorkeling fins, it finally gave up on me. And to think my friend suggested that I buy Mares fins for their durability. Tsk. I’m sad because my investment of P1,060 for this fins didn’t last forever. Oh well. Last March, during my latest freediving practice in […]

Underwater Photography and Freediving

I got worried a bit that my Olympus TG-1 might die anytime soon after I saw moisture seeping in the camera when we went to Kagusuan Beach in Siquijor. I was about to go on another freediving session and with the absence of a depth measuring device, the camera would be a useful tool to […]

On Becoming a Mermaid

I find it amazing when I think of the past. I could almost remember that it wasn’t too long ago that I had to worry about not having the knowledge on how to dive. Yet here I am, after 5 months, proudly saying that I can easily transform to a mermaid whenever my feet touches […]

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