PAL vs Cebu Pacific

I know this post may be too late but this is just a reminder to all who want to travel by plane. If you think that Cebu Pacific offers the cheapest airfares, you’re in for a surprise! Philippine Airlines, Asia’s oldest carrier and national airline of the Philippines is also offering competitive rates to travelers. […]

My Ilocos Adventure

I haven’t slept since 11am yesterday. And today is the ultimate day! I didn’t sleep yet since I was trying hard to see if I can setup the website before I leave town. But I guess I won’t have any luck on that aspect. Anyway, the last 2 days has been so stressful “daw” for […]

My Chirstmas Present

I may be off to the northern part of the country during the last days of the year. I’m planning to go on a backpacking adventure to Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur. On top of my must-see list would be the Bangui Windmills and Vigan. I can’t wait to go! I deserve to have my […]

Our Trip

My brother jokingly asked me where we’ll go for the upcoming long holidays. I immediately said Ilocos! I bargained with him that I’ll pay for the fare and he’ll take care of our daily expenses. It was a done deal! I was so excited! I can’t book the tickets yet since I had to ask […]


before we left one scary ride!!! hello dumbo! hehehe long nose

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