Editing the Map of the Philippines using Photoshop

My sister asked me to help her with her presentation for her work. She asked me to create a map of Cebu and Bohol. She also asked me to create a map of the Philippines where Cebu and Bohol are highlighted. Being the techy geek (daw) that I am, I immediately agreed to doing it. […]

Laptop Safety for Every Travel Blogger

When I started my backpacking trip, I made sure I brought my laptop with me. Since I’d be moving a lot, bringing a single backpack, which stored all my stuff, was the practical thing to do. It would be hassle-free on my part if I only had one backpack to worry. That also gave me […]

Creating a Wedding Video Presentation for a Friend

Creating a wedding video presentation for a friend is what kept me busy for the past few days. This was the project I’d been secretly doing after getting infected with the Relevant Knowledge Spyware a.k.a. the rlvklng.exe spyware. Last June 11th, one of my best friend, Debbie, asked me if I can create a short […]

Getting Infected with Relevant Knowledge a.k.a. rlvknlg.exe Spyware

When I woke up this morning, I was greeted by an uninvited visitor when I opened my laptop. I saw a pop-up from Skype asking permission for me to install the rlvknlg.exe file. Skype was asking me 2 options: Allow or Deny. I had to think twice if I was reading the message right since […]

DoiSpeaks Got a New Theme and Banner!

After 48 years, I finally decided to change the theme of this site. Although my site’s PageRank is 3, I do not understand why all of the articles on my site have 0 or unranked PRs. So to rule out the possibility of a theme issue, I finally decided to change it. Besides, changing my […]

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