My 2013 Planners and Doodles

I never had any intentions of using a planner since I’m not fond of them. I see it as another means to adding clutter to the storage of garbage I keep in my closet. And I also had no plans of buying one if I were really to have one since I still have an […]

My Broken Mares Fins

So, barely a year after I bought my first snorkeling fins, it finally gave up on me. And to think my friend suggested that I buy Mares fins for their durability. Tsk. I’m sad because my investment of P1,060 for this fins didn’t last forever. Oh well. Last March, during my latest freediving practice in […]


Storm by Lifehouse how long have i been in this storm so overwhelmed by the ocean’s shapeless form water’s getting harder to tread with these waves crashing over my head if i could just see You everything will be alright if i’d see You this darkness will turn to light and i will walk on […]

WDs Quick Drive Test

I don’t want to panic. I can’t afford to panic for now. Am still in a state of denial. But I guess I have to accept this soon. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Two days ago, while I was cleaning my room, I was playing acoustic music from my WD External Hard Drive. All of a sudden, I heard […]

Pulling the Plug

So I finally did it. I’ve had enough. And because of that, I pulled the plug. I no longer gave them room for any negotiations. Simple. Just like that. After giving my two-week’s notice, I thought that I could still go on having a normal life where I report to the office regularly. But I […]

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