Figuring Out That Thing Called Tadhana

So I finally watched the most talked about movie this season – That Thing Called Tadhana. I had high expectations of the movie as everybody just keeps on raving about it. They said it’s one of the most beautiful yet simple movies ever made in the Philippines. That Thing Called Tadhana stars Angelica Panganiban and […]

Surrendering my Passport

Yesterday, my friends and I filed our visa application to a certain country in Asia. As I don’t want to jinx this travel plan, I’d prefer not to name that country for now. In the next week or two, we will know the status of our application and I hope we’d get it fast before […]

An Epic Night

I left the hospital after 12 midnight to go home. My car’s engine wouldn’t start. I instantly got worried. I only thought of 2 things – that it could be a battery problem where it got drained or perhaps I already ran out of gasoline. I left home that afternoon with an almost empty tank […]

Missing Thailand

I really don’t understand why Thailand has this huge impact in my life. To think that I’ve only been to 2 countries outside the Philippines. I know there are still more countries to be explored out there but the truth of the matter is, I found myself in Thailand. It is my comfort zone. Being […]

Turning 66 Now

Celebrated my birthday 2 weeks ago. But I didn’t have cake at that time. Now, I turned 66 if you were to really count on the number of times I was supposed to celebrate my birthday.  And I still don’t have cake. pft. This month sucks! My client has not paid up for my services […]

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