Sore Muscles

One of the struggles I had to deal with was how to lose weight. Living in a house where you get to eat yummy dishes courtesy of your mom’s superb cooking skills is very challenging for those who wanted to keep a healthy and fit body. This was the reason why I loved staying away […]

Nestle’s 14 Day Meal Plan

The company that I’m connected with had this fitness program where one can receive free Nestle Fitnesse cereal and milk for its 1st 100 registrants. The catch, you have to undergo a 14 day meal plan which involves eating the Nestle Fitnesse cereal for breakfast and dinner. Although I’d also love to shed off the […]

When is the best time to exercise?

If  you think I know the answer, then I’m sorry to disappoint you. That’s because I don’t know the answer too. I’m also asking the same question. Last year, I vowed to myself that I should shed off the excess pounds I gained over the years but I failed to comply to this. Now, I […]

Ruined diet

Everyday, I tell myself that I will start my diet to control my increasing weight due to my love for food. I even thought that with my new work schedule, I’d start an after six diet wherein I shouldn’t eat anything after the clock strikes at six in the evening. But if you get to […]

on having Healthy Options

Last week, I planned to start a diet that involved just eating cereals, muesli and fresh fruits. But on my second day of diet, our bosses started treating us for dinner at McDonalds and unlimited breakfast buffet at Marco Polo Hotel. Who am I to refuse food? Being that I for one  really appreciate good […]

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