Celebrating My Second Birthday

Today is my second birthday. Yes. I have two 😉 The great thing about having two birthdays is that you get to celebrate it again if you missed something on your first birthday celebration. At the same time, I’m excused for renewing my driver’s license late. Which was why I still had the chance to […]

Ham, Bacon and Lettuce Ciabatta Sandwich

Last week, I decided to make a bacon and ham sandwich. I missed making my own gourmet sandwich when I lived in Siem Reap, Cambodia for a few months. So when I saw that we have a supply of ciabatta breads, fresh from S&R, I immediately scanned our fridge for the possible ingredients for my […]

Imitating Thai Pancakes and Sausages

Two days ago, I finally cooked the Pillsbury Hotcake that I temporarily used as my mousepad. 😆 Since we only had 1 egg left, I just cooked half of it. When my pop asked what’s the best food he should pair the pancakes with, I suggested hot dogs. But since I didn’t prepare one, I […]

Red Velvet Cup Cake by Leona’s Cakes And Pastries

I mentioned when I shared to you the Red Velvet Cake by La Marea that I will show you Leona’s version of their Red Velvet Cup Cake. It was the 2nd red velvet cake that I had tasted ever since I was introduced to this yummy cake by an ex-colleague, who also sells cakes. When I […]

Chicken Charlie: The Latest Fried Chicken Craze in Town

My friend Cecille messaged me one time asking if I was game for a food trip to check out Chicken Charlie, a new restaurant that opened in Cebu 2 months ago. I had no clue what Chicken Charlie was or what it was offering but from the sound of it, they’re probably selling chicken. And […]

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