Trying out the Soju drink from Korea

I go gaga over Korean soap operas before. But due to my busy schedule in the past months, I failed to see the latest Koreanovelas on TV. Now I have this friend, Wena, who is way too gaga over them and had me convinced at trying their Korean dishes – specifically the samgyeopsal. I’ve been […]

Eating Chocolates

The other day, my friend and I went to the groceries to buy stuff for her home. I promised another friend that I will buy her chocolates as a token of the free hosting I got for my sites. So it was no surprise that we first went to check out the chocolates section of […]

How to Make a Banana Split Homestyle

Luckily, the ingredients for making my own version of a banana split were present in our home. Actually, it’s so simple to do. You really don’t have to follow any rules in making one except that you follow what you want. As far as I know, the secret on how to make a banana split […]

Trying out Different Flavored Loaf Cakes at Leonas

When my friend asked me what’s a nice pasalubong to give to the family of his gf, I asked him what he had in mind. He said that there are a lot of dried fish from the gf’s place. Dried mango may be overrated and expensive. Then he mentioned Rosquillos and Otap. My eyes rolled […]

The Tale of the Travelling Crab

It was after midnight when I heard a scratching noise coming from my door. I’m seated right behind the door of my room so hearing that sound bothered me. I know it must not be my parents for if they’d need something from me, all they have to do is call out my name instead […]

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