"Break Me"

by Gary Valenciano No words are left now to be spoken When all my promises are broken And all excuses i have used in justifying My actions move me so much closer to the fire But now i know Seems i’ve lost my soul Make me and take me Can you find me in this […]

"Could You be Messiah"

by Gary Valenciano Could You be healer To a heart that’s been wounded In a battle that’s never seen Could You be teacher To a mind of confusion Tell me what does this all mean Are You deliverer Of an imprisoned feeling in chains Can You set my spirit free And just one more question […]

"In Your Freedom"

by Hillsong I search for You God of strength I bow to You in my brokenness And no other King could have so humbly come To save my soul and heal my heart I have nothing more than all You offer me There is nothing else that’s of worth to me And I love You […]

"Saviour King"

by Hillsong And now the weak say I have strength By the spirit of power that raised Christ from the dead And now the poor stand and confess That my portion is Him and I’m more than blessed Let now our hearts burn with a flame A fire consuming all for your Son’s holy name […]

"Praise You In This Storm"

by Casting Crowns I was sure by now God You would have reached down And wiped our tears away Stepped in and saved the day But once again, I say “Amen”, and it’s still raining As the thunder rolls I barely hear Your whisper through the rain “I’m with you” And as Your mercy falls […]

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