Are You Ready to Get Rich? Invest Like A Pro with Fitz Villanueva!

Three days ago, my friend Wena asked me if it is better to invest in time deposits or through insurance companies. I really have little information on these things and I’m no authority when it comes to discussing financial investments. With her inquiry, I would have immediately answered that investing my money on insurance companies […]

Surviving my 1st Month

  I survived! I’ve been working for a month now and I’m happy to say that I’ve survived my 1st month with ease. To those who didn’t know, I actually quit my long-term job last 2010 to switch to becoming a digital nomad in order to follow my passion to travel all over the country […]

My Blog Earnings

Early this morning, while discussing with Ed about our online jobs and the thought of acquiring domain names, I mentioned to him that my site has turned a year so he asked me how much I have earned  so far. I never really kept track of my earnings so I got curious too. I pulled […]

Cashed out $227 from Paypal

yesterday. I was waiting for it to reach $250 but since I didn’t see signs that I will get some of my blogging money due for August 1st and 2nd, I decided to withdraw my money in Paypal since I badly need to pay off some bills. The bad thing is that when I checked […]

Google Money

Yesterday, I got my first Google Payout. I am glad that after a couple of months I have finally earned my first Adsense money. I am grateful to Google for the opportunities they are providing to invidual bloggers like me. I’ll blog about it next time. 🙂

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