Donny Shoo: Your SoleMate for Life

Donny Shoo, that’s the brand you should seek when looking for a pair of espadrilles to comfort your tired feet. Donnie-Lee Sabang, my long time friend, is the brain child behind Donny Shoo. He always believed that fun should start at one’s feet, thus the tagline “Donny Shoo: Fun starts at your feet.” His designs […]

My new sandals

My sister left for Tacloban 2 weeks ago. She will be based there for 2 years, I think. After she left, I immediately went to their room to check what stuff she brought with her, thinking that finally her closet will be free from clutter. To my dismay, the contents of her closet still looked […]


I have been looking for a pair of formal shoes which I could wear in the office and I found this cute and stylish shoes in PrimaDonna at SM Cebu. After trying the pair on, Debbie and I agreed that the shoes was definitely a winner. I decided to buy the shoes immediately even though […]

Celine Gift Card

I’ve had this giftcard since December. Never got the chance to use it coz I got too busy with a lot of stuff. I acquired this in Manila when my sister and I bought bags from their store. This will expire this March. I am handing this over to Audrey, whose a shopaholic in her […]

My Style

I came across this particular website when I was killing time and I got hooked at trying to create something from stuff online. Honestly, I have no idea where I will apply what I did. Since I don’t know the use of what I created, I’ll just post it here. By the way, the website […]

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