Ayala Center Cebu’s 3D Cinema

Ayala Center Cebu will be launching its 3D Cinema on August 12, 2010 featuring Step Up 3! I received an invitation to Ayala Center Cebu’s 3D Cinema Launch in my mailbox when I opened it tonight. Since I have an ACard, I frequently receive notifications of events like these from Ayala Center Cebu. Here’s the […]

Eclipse Is Here But Am More Excited To See Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows This November

I own a complete Twilight Saga set. 4 of those thick books sit in my cabinet, accumulating dust each day. I lent the Twilight book to my cousin. I have no idea if he started reading it. As for me, I haven’t read them all, just Twilight. I already saw New Moon in the theaters but still, […]

Persuasion by Jane Austen (2007 movie)

It has been a long time since I posted a movie article. Even though I haven’t slept yet and still has some pending work to do, I can’t simply resist not sharing this movie with you. hehehe. Again, the hopeless romantic in me got carried away again. I was merely waiting for my bookmarking tasks […]

why the change in the title?

I was watching movie trailers in HBO (or was it in Star Movies?) as I waited for he next show to go live when I saw a familiar movie. The program was showing what used to be one of the films I kept watching when I was still in high school. The Concierge was the […]

Meghan and Cheyne won Amazing Race 15!

Yey! I’m still hyped at them winning the Amazing Race. Although it has been almost a week since the final leg of the race were broadcast, I only got the chance to view a rerun today due to the hectic schedule I lead on and off work. But gee I’m glad they won the race. […]

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