Figuring Out That Thing Called Tadhana

So I finally watched the most talked about movie this season – That Thing Called Tadhana. I had high expectations of the movie as everybody just keeps on raving about it. They said it’s one of the most beautiful yet simple movies ever made in the Philippines. That Thing Called Tadhana stars Angelica Panganiban and […]

Good Vibrations

When I try to search for movies to watch, I check out listing sites that shows the top movies of certain years. So when I tried to look for one, I saw Good Vibrations listed on some website. I’m a sucker for foreign films so I didn’t hesitate to check out its trailer before downloading […]

Movies Showcasing the Beautiful Architecture at New Orleans

I’m a movie buff and during my free time, I try to make sure I get to watch old and new movies. I prefer watching rom-coms or what one would commonly refer to as romantic comedies. I also like watching feel-good movies. What you won’t catch me watching would be those horror films. I don’t […]

Castle of Glass

I’ve shared on my previous articles here how weird I am in choosing songs I like (though I can’t remember anymore what articles those were). And on this rare instance, I’m finding again a cool song that I love so much. It’s the new song “Castle of Glass” written by American rock band Linkin Park […]


Storm by Lifehouse how long have i been in this storm so overwhelmed by the ocean’s shapeless form water’s getting harder to tread with these waves crashing over my head if i could just see You everything will be alright if i’d see You this darkness will turn to light and i will walk on […]

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