Cashed out $227 from Paypal

yesterday. I was waiting for it to reach $250 but since I didn’t see signs that I will get some of my blogging money due for August 1st and 2nd, I decided to withdraw my money in Paypal since I badly need to pay off some bills.

The bad thing is that when I checked my email today, there I saw my pending payments sent to Paypal. It was only $14.50 but that would have been enough to  make it reach $250 once I combine my other $26.++ (from a different source).

I was supposed to put off the withdrawal till I get confirmation that I will get the $14.50 but after hearing Audrey‘s story that her Paypal account had fraudulent transactions after she attempted to withdraw her money and cancelled the transaction, I immediately withdraw the amount (for security reasons too). Her account is still inactive as of this point. tsk tsk tsk

I’ll just have to wait for the money to get wired to my bank account before I can get hold of the actual money. 🙂

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