Cake Overload Only at Fudge

cakes at the Fudge Restaurant
L-R: Lava Cake, The Ultimate Combo, Double Choco Fudge and Tre Colore

When I see images of those cakes, my eyes would start to salivate and grow big as I’d want to taste them all. And to satisfy our taste bud’s curiosity, we definitely have to taste all of them!

Yep, that’s what me and my ex-colleagues did after meeting one night to catch up.

It is tradition that if someone leaves the office for greener pastures or whatever reasons we have, we’d have to celebrate the “joyous” event by having a cake day for that person. This time, it was Kingsley’s cake day. And so we met and chose the Fudge Restaurant to celebrate the event and drown our tonsils  with sweets of different sorts.

Those cakes were sinfully good. You have to go to Fudge Restaurant if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth. Those cakes aren’t priced over P150.00 and I believe that it’s already a good buy considering how yummy they all are.


Interested about this restaurant? Check out this old post here.

The Fudge Restaurant is located at A.S. Fortuna St., Mandaue City. For more information, check out their Facebook page.


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  1. SoulCaptive says

    My friends threw a surprise birthday party for me at the Fudge earlier this year. Their lava cake was to-die-for!

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