I have a lot of things to do but I don’t know where to begin and having colds makes it even more complicated.

Here are a couple of things I need to accomplish (i think)..

1. write up on my Ilocos Adventure

2. post pictures here there and everywhere

3. write up on how to send off a crazy friend to Italy (LOL)

4. follow up topic for the 3rd item: TIPs on how to pack for a Year’s travel

5. Sinulog Festivities

6. Post more pictures…my travels and food!!!

7. clean my room…does this count on this list?

8. think straight and organize thoughts!


  1. hahah you might be able to send her off to Italy, but you got ME as replacement!!! nyahahahaah

  2. hahaha…you’re right about that weng! Lord, why me??? bwahahaha

  3. btaw, im grateful for your presence too weng! 🙂 oist…let’s plan our next asian adventure with Eds!

  4. hahaha you know why its you doi … lol … nyways … next asian adventure???? palawan lagi!!!! but well change dates … weeeeeee will tell you why when I get to talk to you in IM or YM or AIM … hahaha whichever comes first 🙂

  5. alright! let’s also plan for Batanes wid Eds, Weng! weeeeeeeeeeee

  6. yeah, woi, we should be able to plan it before June cause I still have a week’s worth of VLs to consume!

    doi, i will post something like this as well. I have a lot of things to do sad. so little time. waaa

  7. Eds, as if we really have lots of moolah right? hehe…let our powers combine to attain it ha!

    As for the post.. yeah.. its better to have a checklist now and then to be on track with everything…hehehe…I’m glad u liked the idea/purpose of the post 😉

  8. was here

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