Books by Mitch Albom

I found these books sitting on the display counter at National Bookstore. So I figured why not add these to my Book Collection. I remember Debbie mentioning that Tuesdays with Morrie was a really great book. I also asked Wena’s opinion, who was with me in the store. She said she cried after reading the same book. That got me curious. And the rest was history. I just wonder when I’ll start reading them. The same goes with the Twilight Saga. (*sigh*)


  1. Ache!! start reading na wui…hahahahhaha..

  2. Hahaha…yes ceegee! I just need to find time for that. Perhaps on a bus ride for our trip? 😉

  3. My Pink Shoelace says

    Uhmmm … you can start tomorrow nah doi hehehe if your hectic sched would permit it.

  4. hahah.. yeah…i’d have to find time to sqeeze everything in between!

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