Bloopers # 2: The comb

My comb is pink…(bow)…LOL…It’s just a plain flat pink comb. After I met my sister in Ayala, I headed back to the office. I was no longer hurrying since I know that the meeting was over. I went straight ahead to the bathroom to fix myself. I washed my hands and used paper towels to wipe them dry. Then I combed my hair. The used paper towels were just lying on the sink and I knew I had to throw them in the trashcan beneath me. I really didn’t know what happened. I just realized that I was no longer holding my comb and I heard a thud below me. That’s when it hit me and I peeked inside the can. The comb was there!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Instead of throwing the paper towels, I threw the comb instead! Huhuhuhu… Of course I wanted to get it. The trashcan was actually empty except for the other paper towels I used. But I didn’t dare get the comb back. Now, I don’t have a comb anymore…huhuhu…

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