Bloopers # 1: The shoeses

I had to meet Wena before work. She was not feeling well that day and she asked me to accompany her to Biopath. I brought extra clothes for work and I was hurrying back to the office since I was late for our meeting. Everything was supposed to be all set till I wore my shoes (i was wearing slippers when i left the house). I noticed that the other pair felt funny. And that’s when I realized that the shoes I  grabbed were of different pairs. Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I was debating whether I should head home since I knew that the traffic would build up in our area. I suddenly thought of my sister and immediately called her. Luckily she was just in Ayala. So I asked her to meet me so that I could borrow one of her shoes (she stocks shoes in her cer). She didn’t have enough choices so I had to make do with wearing one of her closed shoes. Although it fit me perfectly, the front part was too tight and I was having a hard time walking on it. (*sigh*)

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