blogging from Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort

Finally! I’m here in Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort right now. After 48 years, I finally got the chance to use the gift certificate I won.

Am actually using my phone’s ISP to write this post now. I’m just chillaxin at our room’s porch on a starless night while my sister is soundly sleeping. Aside from getting allergies from the noodles (“pancit canton”) she ate, she also had to have a complete rest for a long drive back to the city tomorrow. (We failed to ask what’s in the noodles eh)

As for me, aside from the obvious (which is writing this post), I have just finished reading April’s issue of the Yummy magazine. I actually brought a lot of mags but I’ll settle for 1 tonight since my eyes are closing already. Maybe I’ll continue reading tomorrow, in case I don’t join the resort’s Easter Egg Hunt activities.

Oh, I’m also enjoying hearing the sounds of waves here. It’s so relaxing to hear the waves hit the shoreline in front of our cottage. Makes me even wanna go to bed now.

Will post more stories about our trip to Sumilon when I get back to the city, including how I vomitted while we were driving to get to the place. So gross! Yuck!


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