Bike Accident

Have I ever told you I never knew how to ride a bike? Well, that was before. For the last 3 weeks on my stay here in Siem Reap, Cambodia, I’ve been trying to learn how to ride a bike. Every weekend, my friend Ed and I go out to practice how to bike. Ed’s my guru.

Yesterday, am happy to say that I finally took the courage to bike on the main streets. My only problem now is keeping my balance and applying the right kind of reaction whenever I apply brakes to the bike. You see, the bike I practice is too big for me. I had to tiptoe to reach the ground. When I apply brakes, I jump off the bike 😆 instead of reaching the ground. From time to time, I tried to apply brakes without jumping off the bike. So yesterday, when I applied the brakes after being paranoid with the other vehicles passing by, I lost my balance. I was trying to apply brakes and tiptoe to reach the ground but I lost it.

I fell on my left side. Unlike the other falls I’ve encountered during my practice, my lower leg got folded and I landed in it, with the bike on top. The pain was excruciating. I had to ask help from Ed to slowly untwist my ankle and pull my leg to straighten it. I was thankful that I didn’t have any dislocated joints (I think). I saw a makeshift bench under a tree across the street and told Ed I had to rest for a while in case the joints swell. When I was relieved from what happened, and seeing that the knee and ankle were fine, I decided to continue biking. We were on the last bend on our way to this huge road leading to Angkor Wat.

While biking after the accident, I noticed pain on my knee every time I pedal but I didn’t mind it. But when we finally finished my biking lessons and went home, the pain started to increase. My ankle started swelling and I couldn’t walk properly. I applied cold compress using the frozen bacon in the fridge.  I also elevated the leg 45 degrees and the ankle swelling subsided. However, there’s still pain on my knee which prevents me from walking properly.

It’s a good thing that Ed had this cold compress pack which I alternately used for the ankle and knee. I also used this bottle of frozen iced tea to apply cold compress on both joints.

Currently, my ankle is still swollen but it’s not painful anymore. I guess I just have to elevate it to stop the swelling. As for the knee, it’s still swelling and I could barely move it. My doctor friend advised the intake of anti-inflammatory meds but I don’t want to take one since those make me hungry 😆 She was concerned that I might have torn ligaments on the knee and ankle. I guess they are just fine. Sorry if I’m too stubborn. hehehe. She also mentioned to lessen walking for the next 48 hours and just do passive exercise. I guess that means I’d have to stay in bed and ask Ed to feed me 😆

So, would this bike accident stop me from biking once I’m ok? The answer is a big NO! 😆

Update at 3pm:

I messaged my doctor-friend what happened and seeked advise on what I should do. This was her reply:

“Take anti- inflammatory meds – example mefenamic acid, ibuprofen round the clock for 48h then as needed after.

Did it occur while driving at fast speed? We need to rule out fracture sa ankle and torn knee ligaments. Anyway, continue the elevation, decrease walking for the next 24-48h but do passive exercise sa joints involved. – this is important as you dont want your joints to be not working, it’s more painful to move it after long immobility. Pain and swelling should gradually decrease if thers no fracture in a day or 2 even 3. Key words, gradual improvement, not worsening. As for the torn ligament, pain may resolve but not completely even after 2 weeks. I do hope you got the travel insurance, you wrote about it bya before. Update me okay”

I told her in detail how I folded and almost twisted my knee and ankle but I don’t think I was in any danger at all. I told her I don’t want to take the meds as it will make me hungry but I got scolded when she replied this back:

“Take anti inflammatory, that’s a must. No negotiation there.
Passive exercises- moving muscles and joints without weight or weight bearing. Gradually fold the knees while seated, rotate ankle while elevated. Get an insurance or I’ll drag your ass back here. With the length of your stay overseas, and without family to run to, I think it’s worth it. Okay, update.”

Prior to this, I already went down on the 1st floor of our guesthouse to cook my breakfast since I was about to get hungry. My travel buddy was busy doing I dunno what and I don’t want to be too dependent on him. After being scolded bout the meds, I immediately took one. I guess my doc-friend’s reaction scared me and made me take the meds just in case I’m in for the worse.

In times like this, I wish I had crutches so that I could move freely *sigh* I hope my knee will get better soon as I’m moving out of SR in a few days! Geesh!


  1. hala ako pod doi. high speed lang tong ako-a, downhill. lupad ko’s bike, ligid, dayun shot sa canal sa may kalsada ubos tops padung cebu hehehehe
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  2. Learning to ride a bike is stricky at sometime, but once you master all the tactics, everything becomes easier.

  3. David Pascht says

    Be careful next time !

  4. Hi , doy. I think it’s “brake” not “break”. XD
    hi´s last blog post ..Bike Accident

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