Best Tasting Dried Mangoes of Cebu

Cebu is famous for a lot of things. But one of them is the province’ ability to produce super yummy dried mangoes. Yep! You heard me right. If I’m not mistaken, one of the top products that Cebu exports is dried mangoes. I used to grow up thinking that Cebu has the best-tasting ripe mangoes, which explains why they produce dried mangoes so much. But two years ago, I learned that sweet mangoes can be found in the island of Guimaras too. Guimaras is a small island near Iloilo. But I’ve no idea how famous this small island is for producing dried mangoes though.

Anyway, even with that knowledge, I still think that Cebu is the number one manufacturer of dried mangoes in the Philippines. I’m too lazy to Google on that fact right now but am sticking with my gut instinct. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong though.

So what’s the reason for this post? Nothing. hehehe.  I just wanted to let you know that if you ever drop by Cebu, an island in the center of the Philipppines, my Queen City of the South, do  not forget to taste the dried mangoes. You can buy them at any grocery stores. And they’re way cheaper compared to other places in the country since you are buying them directly from the province that manufactures them.

cebu dried mangoes

And another reason why I’m posting this article is to show you what I’ve been munching in on the last few minutes. Yeah, that’s the dried mangoes am snacking on as I’m typing this article. ehehehe. There’s this factory near our place that sells a kilo of this raw (Philippine Brand) dried mangoes for only 350.00 pesos. I used to sell these before for less than 200 pesos until its prices increased gradually and ballooned at that amount.

I guess that’s all for now. I just hope I don’t eat the whole lot or else my sister might kill me. 😆

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