Because We Are Such Cheapskates

One of the best places to work in Siem Reap, Cambodia is at KFC because they have free wi-fi access. This place is also a favourite among tourists who want to escape the scorching heat of the sun because of the air conditioned area.

Meals around Siem Reap cost $2 and up. Some of the servings on those restaurants doesn’t even give you ample servings. And if you want to be on the practical side, it is best to eat at KFC for you will definitely get your money’s worth.

KFC 1-pc chicken meal in Siem Reap

KFC’s 1-pc chicken meal consists of pickled vegies, 1 serving of sunny side up eggs, 1 piece chicken and 1 cup of rice. All of this you get to eat for only $1.50 + 10% tax. I paid $1.65 for this meal. That’s approximately 70 pesos.

The only downside to that is you might smell like chicken if you eat here everyday 😆

The wifi in our guesthouse sucks big time so we decided to hang out at KFC today to work. And because we are cheapskates, before heading to KFC, we cooked our own rice! 😆 If we buy a cup of rice outside, it would cost us 1000 Cambodian Riel ($0.25 or ~Php11.00) If we bought one at KFC, it’d cost us $0.30 or ~Php13.00.


We have rice in our guesthouse and we planned to camp out at KFC for the rest of the day. Cooking 2 mugs of rice only cost us 1250 Cambodian Riel ($0.31 or ~Php14.00) and that’s already good for 2 meals for 2 heads. We also brought our own water 😀

Their 1-piece chicken costs $1.00 + 10% tax. Adding the cost of the rice, we only spent $1.18 or ~Php50.00 for today’s lunch! Sans the eggs and pickled vegies, which am not thrilled to eat anyway, we get to save Php20.00 (~$0.47) for today’s lunch! 😉

I just hope we don’t leave this fast  food smelling chicken later after we have our 2nd chicken during dinner time 😆

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