Back from the Airport

I just got back from the airport since I had to fetch my Pa who spent the week in Manila for a business trip. We arrived in the airport early and we were not supposed to stay inside the arrival parking lot not unless the plane we were waiting for has arrived. One of the airport guards allowed us to stay a few minutes in the parking area to check if the plane will arrive soon. Since we were 25 minutes early, he asked us to move and wait outside. I was just amazed at how he went out of his way in telling us that he will contact his fellow colleague to call our attention when the plane arrives so that we can get back in. I thought he was just joking. But after 10 minutes of waiting outside of the airport grounds, another guard approached us and told us we can get inside since the plane has landed. The guard inside was waiting for us and reserved us a spot in the parking area. I am glad that there are still people who goes over and beyond what is expected of their normal duties. Kudos to that airport guard. I hope there are still more people like him out there.

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