Movies Showcasing the Beautiful Architecture at New Orleans

I’m a movie buff and during my free time, I try to make sure I get to watch old and new movies. I prefer watching rom-coms or what one would commonly refer to as romantic comedies. I also like watching feel-good movies. What you won’t catch me watching would be those horror films. I don’t […]

Losing my Olympus TG-1 Camera

Last October 5, 2012, my second hand camera got drenched in sea water on my trip to Biri Island. It immediately quit working and I sort of got depressed at the thought of not being able to travel without my handy camera. You see, as a travel blogger who was only relying on my site’s […]

Trying out the Soju drink from Korea

I go gaga over Korean soap operas before. But due to my busy schedule in the past months, I failed to see the latest Koreanovelas on TV. Now I have this friend, Wena, who is way too gaga over them and had me convinced at trying their Korean dishes – specifically the samgyeopsal. I’ve been […]

Visiting a Bargain Bookshop in Cebu

Recently, my friend Wena and I have been going out on food trips. Yesterday was just another one of those random days that we decided to go out and splurge for the sake of satisfying the worms living inside our tummies. hehehe. So after working on an undercover assignment yesterday, we went to Café Egao […]

Eating Chocolates

The other day, my friend and I went to the groceries to buy stuff for her home. I promised another friend that I will buy her chocolates as a token of the free hosting I got for my sites. So it was no surprise that we first went to check out the chocolates section of […]

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