Surrendering my Passport

Yesterday, my friends and I filed our visa application to a certain country in Asia. As I don’t want to jinx this travel plan, I’d prefer not to name that country for now. In the next week or two, we will know the status of our application and I hope we’d get it fast before […]

Good Vibrations

When I try to search for movies to watch, I check out listing sites that shows the top movies of certain years. So when I tried to look for one, I saw Good Vibrations listed on some website. I’m a sucker for foreign films so I didn’t hesitate to check out its trailer before downloading […]

An Epic Night

I left the hospital after 12 midnight to go home. My car’s engine wouldn’t start. I instantly got worried. I only thought of 2 things – that it could be a battery problem where it got drained or perhaps I already ran out of gasoline. I left home that afternoon with an almost empty tank […]

Missing Thailand

I really don’t understand why Thailand has this huge impact in my life. To think that I’ve only been to 2 countries outside the Philippines. I know there are still more countries to be explored out there but the truth of the matter is, I found myself in Thailand. It is my comfort zone. Being […]

Turning 66 Now

Celebrated my birthday 2 weeks ago. But I didn’t have cake at that time. Now, I turned 66 if you were to really count on the number of times I was supposed to celebrate my birthday.  And I still don’t have cake. pft. This month sucks! My client has not paid up for my services […]

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