My Style

I came across this particular website when I was killing time and I got hooked at trying to create something from stuff online. Honestly, I have no idea where I will apply what I did. Since I don’t know the use of what I created, I’ll just post it here. By the way, the website […]

At last!

At last I can view my posts… so basically, it takes a few minutes for it to load.. hehehe…


so much for my first attempt! I can’t still see my post! huhuhu

My First Attempt at Blogging

Hahaha…So this is how it feels! Feeling ignorant…. My very so reliable friend is nowhere to be found. I was kinda counting on him to help me start this blog and eventually help me when i signed in coz i was definitely clueless when i need to register, especially when i was asked to enter […]

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