Audrey's Day

Today is Audrey‘s Day.

I pity her for she had to be at work due to some bulletin boards that needs to be finished ASAP even when she’s supposed to be on her leave. While I have this in mind, I’m beginning to hate the fact that some of our colleagues take advantage of us by asking us to do stuff for them without them helping when it’s supposed to be their responsibility. Anyway, I won’t dwell on it or else, my temper will get the worse of me. (I feel you Auds! So sorry I wasn’t really able to help because of those damn amoeba…tsk tsk tsk)

To continue, today is Audrey’s Day. She’s really generous since she really planned to feed us. Despite her treating us food when we went to Badian, she still managed to treat us. She had “palabok” and pizza delivered in the office. Then there was ice cream too. I hope this goes on forever. hehehe.

She also invited me and Edcel to dine with her brother that night. We went to Pino. Will be posting about it soon. Anyway, the day turned out great for Audrey. We managed to make her happy. That’s all that matters.


  1. shawarma pizza?? never heard of that before! sounds delicious! must be beefy.

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