Argao’s Torta

Two weeks ago, Edcel, my cousin June and I went to Argao to check out their beach since it is known to be one of Cebu’s haven for those who love to skim board. Before we left the town, I remembered that I should buy some “pasalubong” (keepsakes or presents only found this side of town) for my parents. I immediately remembered to buy them torta since Argao is famous for its yummy torta. When I asked some locals where we could get one, they pointed us across the road where we were standing and instructed us to follow that road.

So we started walking and then everything looked familiar. I remembered that this was the same road we passed by when Ruben of PinoyWorld bought torta as “pasalubong” for the staff of Sumilon Island Bluewater Resort when we went to the resort last August 1st.


While walking, Edcel and my cousin asked me what a torta is and I find it funny that both of them doesn’t really know what a torta is. For those who also doesn’t know, torta is like an oversized cupcake only that it is baked using egg yolks, pork lard, sugar, flour, and topped with raisins and cheese. Am really not sure though how they cook it since the pastry is oily.


I bought three for home and 2 for June’s family. I forgot how much I paid for 1 torta though 😆 I think it was P35.00. hehehe


Ed, trying to charm the sales girl to give us discounts


their torta packaging which i found cool and neat


torta served on a plate

The morning after, I asked my mom if she was able to eat the torta. Her comment was “Klaro kaayo na daan na mantika ng baboy ang ginamit nila.” (It’s pretty clear that old pork oil was used in making it.” )Whatdaaa?!?!? Where did that come from?  😆 I didn’t even notice that one. Oh well, my mom has weird ways of describing food she doesn’t approve of. By the way, we  speak half Tagalog, half Bisaya and half Bicolano inside the house.

I have no idea if this is true but this store’s tagline for their torta shows “Nagkabahaw, nagkalami”. Meaning, the more its  stocked??????? the more it gets yummy? hahaha (Am not too sure of the translation. One thing’s for sure, “bahaw” means left-overs). I find this kind of torta yummy though and I can’t attest to it being yummy after stocking it for a couple of days since everything went to my stomach the next day. hahaha


  1. hei there, just drop by your site to read this entry. hehehe, i’m from argao, though i was born and raised here in cebu city but the old town is very much special for me.

    well actually, yes, the oil used to bake torta is “used pork oil”. combined with “tuba”, coconut wine. the combination of both gives a distinctive taste for the torta of argao.

    you liked it? hehehe, me im craving for it a lot.

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