another power outage

Darn! While I’m in the middle of my freelance work, the power went out. Luckily, I already bought a wireless USB Modem from SMART Bro which really proved to be handy at times like this. This is the second time that this happened, although we still experience rotating power outages in the area, but on those times, I wasn’t working my stuff online. Well, I really couldn’t complain much since we’re used to it. The power outage just lasted for 30 minutes this time. Sometimes it lasts for an hour or two.

Just an observation though, I still find my wired Broadband connection faster compared to the wireless device considering that it boasts a maximum of 2mbps of speed. My Broadband connection only offers speed of up to 1mbps. Weird right?

I have Globe Broadband for my LAN connection and am using SMART BRO’s Prepaid Plugit USB modem whenever the need arises, like the one I encountered earlier.

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