An Epic Night

I left the hospital after 12 midnight to go home. My car’s engine wouldn’t start. I instantly got worried. I only thought of 2 things – that it could be a battery problem where it got drained or perhaps I already ran out of gasoline. I left home that afternoon with an almost empty tank but I didn’t mind that and thought that I could still go to my destination and back without needing to refuel the car’s tank. So after three attempts of starting the engine, it roared into life.

I happily drove home passing by Fuente Osmena going to Mango Avenue. However, when I crossed the intersection of Mango Ave. and Gen. Echavez St. I noticed the car’s engine stopped. The engine oil and battery light indicators started to blink. So I decided to park the car in front of the old campus of Sacred Heart School while it was still moving while running on neutral gear.

ran out of gas

I immediately thought of what to do. I tried to start the car but it wouldn’t. I also thought I should go back to Mango Ave. because there were a lot of gasoline stations there. When the engine started again after a 2nd attempt, I immediately made a U turn and slowly drove the road. I passed by the Caltex gasoline station across Iglesia ni Cristo but since there’s a No U Turn sign, I just continued to drive to get to the gas station at the intersection of Mango Ave and Juana Osmena St.

However, when I crossed the intersection at Foodarama, the engine stopped again. I had to turn the hazard sign on to signal that I was in trouble and that I need to cross to the 1st lane since I was on the 3rd lane. I just shifted the gear to neutral so that it would still move. It’s a good thing too that that area is sloped, making it possible for the car to move. While I was trying to cross the lanes, I noticed a short guy who was headed in the same direction where I was about to park. I think he sensed something was wrong because he stopped around 3-4 meters from where I parked and just stood there. I, on the other hand, tried to start the engine again. This time, it only gave a coughing sound after switching the engine for a long time to try to squeeze some life out of it. But no roaring sound came. That’s when the guy retraced his steps until he popped in my window to ask me what’s wrong.

I could smell alcohol from his breath but that was the least of my worries. When I told him the engine won’t start, he told me to shift to 4th gear before I switch the engine (perhaps to jump start it). I was actually having a hard time understanding his accent and English but surprisingly, I understood what he wants me to do. So I just told him that I think it’s not the engine but because I ran out of gasoline.

When he heard this, he immediately laughed. He couldn’t believe what he just heard. I guess it’s really rare for people in their country to drive a car on an empty tank. He was very amused with what he discovered. I just told him I’ll try again to start it and he patiently waited for me to make sure I get to fix this dilemma. When it won’t start, I just told him I’ll try to find someone who can push the car to the gasoline station, which was just a block away from where I parked.

Then the unbelievable thing happened. He went to the back of the car and started pushing the car forward. Since the road ahead was slightly steep, he gave up after pushing for a minute. He then confirmed if I really had no gas because he could buy for me. I wasn’t really sure what he was saying but based on my understanding, he would call someone from the gasoline station to help me.

While he was gone, I then contacted my cousins who lived nearby to rescue the car and me. After we talked, I tried to start the car’s engine again and it roared back to life, thank goodness! So I immediately drove to the gasoline station.

caltex station mango avenue

While on my way, I also tried to look for the Japanese at the sidewalk in case he was on his way back to me. But I didn’t see him. When I reached the station, I asked the gas attendant if they saw a Japanese who was trying to ask help in refueling a car. They confirmed they saw a short guy and told me he was still at the 7-Eleven store. Turned out he was looking for a big mineral water bottle to place gas. When I saw him, I called his attention and told him I drove the car again and can now properly refuel.

caltex diesel

It was a good thing that I had an extra 300 pesos in my pocket. I just refueled Diesel for P200. While waiting for it to finish, my good Japanese Samaritan was still there waiting for the car to be ok. He then told me that my car is a good car because it is a Japanese car. He assured me that the car was in perfect shape but with me running out of gas, he gave me 2 thumbs down. 😆 We were just laughing at the whole experience and I kept thanking him for his kindness.

After loading 4.45 liters of diesel, the engine roared to life again. The Japanese and I kept laughing at my stupidity while I continued to thank him for all the trouble. Then he left.

I reached our home by 1am and couldn’t stop smiling at the thought of encountering angels along the road. I never expected help but it was given to me even before I asked for one. I was even tempted to call my pop to ask for help but didn’t. I  was just lucky that I was able to squeeze what’s left of the gas inside the car. It was also a good thing that I managed to reach the gasoline station, otherwise, the Japanese could have bought gasoline instead of diesel since I never mentioned what kind to buy when he went to the station.

I’m happy and super thankful for that angel’s presence. I failed to get his name though but whoever he is, I only wish the best for him and his family for being so helpful.

Date: November 3, 2013
Time left the hospital: 12:15am
Time car got its normal self back: 12:55am

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