Amazingly Photoscaped

I really love Photoscape! It’s a simple photo editor that can do wonders to a photo.

I was actually browsing through my files to see if I can find a photo for my header. I found this photo…

This was a picture from the movie Pride and Prejudice, which I really liked (not because of Keira Knightley but mainly because of Matthew Macfayden, the one who portrayed the role of Mr. Darcy. He was really good in playing his part). Anyway, enough said. So, i tried to edit the picture and here goes…

I really wish I can use this as a header for this site. Maybe when I have time to go into the intricacies of understanding codes.


  1. My Pink Shoelace says

    I love Photoscape!! Ever since Eds introduced the product to me … am hooked. But was on hiatus for a couple of months when I made the big switch to MAC … now that am back to Windows (temporarily) its one of the few apps am sure to download.

  2. Hi My Pink Shoelace! Thanks for dropping by. I’m glad we share the same sentiments. hehehe. I just realized that I may have minimized the picture I edited too much. It doesn’t look good here. I’ll have to edit this post later. hehe

    By the way, Congrats with the purchase of your 5th? or is it 6th Notebook? LOL

  3. wow, My Pinkshoelace kaayo. hahahaha.

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